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2D ANIMATION in the 11 second club history!

Thus far since 2007 there have been 22 out of 76 winners that were 2D (traditional or digital)
2007- 3/7 -2D
2008- 2/12 -2D
2009- stands with the most 2D winners EVER in this competition, with 8/12 (3 of which were animated by BJ Crawford -who also holds the most stars [9.11] in 11 second club history -thus far)
2010- 1/12 (Only one 2D winner -animated by Arthur Gil)
2011- 4/12 (2 of which were animated by Andrew Chesworth back to back months)
2012- 4/12... (This year holds the last 2D animation that has won the 11 second club... It's been over a year now. "aju" was the animator)

2013... 0/9 months...

I'm beginning to wonder if this might be the first year to go without a 2D winner?!



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