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How can I make my work better? (March competition)

I've been trying to make my work as good as I can, but the stars I've got are always few. I believe there must be some main problems I always have in each of my animation.
Can you please tell me which part of the animation I should notice and improve?

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Thank you so much!!



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Re: How can I make my work better? (March competition)

I like this one. I don't see a lot that needs improving to be honest. My only feeling on this is that it would have been nice to use two models more consistent with each other. The character rig that sits down feels too cartoony against the builder character, but that may have been intentional and just my opinion. Even the lip sync works well, which is more than I can say for some entries I've seen. The animation all feels smooth, not much to crit there.

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Re: How can I make my work better? (March competition)

I think this is actually quite good. For this entry i would sugest that there a few times when the charaters stop moving completely. Try to avoid this as in 3D animation it is really noticable. Also you could benefit form a bit of over lap and a bit more follow throu. At the moment its ever so slightly pose to pose. But you are very close! and the builders face animation is good!



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Re: How can I make my work better? (March competition)

It's pretty solid!

First thing I noticed is that you keep putting characters on different sides of the screen. I would have the camera in the beginning changed to the angle that is used at the end, so you can cut to the close up, then cut back. It would make more sense because the construction worker is on the right side of the screen when it cuts to his close up (although you'd have to put the camera on the other side of his face.)

-Where is that coin coming from? Perhaps another character could walk by and drop it.

-Perhaps the homeless character could have a sign asking for money or food, something to really clarify he's homeless.

-The lip sync on "that's deep" could use some work.

-Try to ease the splines in and out to loosen up some of the stiffness.

-Get a really good render. I know they say it doesn't matter on this site, and it shouldn't, but voters love a greatly staged and lit scene. Ambient occlusion and all that.

Hope this helped! Don't despair, you'll keep getting better and better if you stick with it. Just keep entering contests, studying film and other entries, the 12 principles of animation, and all the tips and tricks you can find.

Keep up the good work!



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Re: How can I make my work better? (March competition)

Thank you so much for all of your suggestion and critique!!!
Yea, it seems that I always have stiffness, camera angle, story telling problem.

Now I'm gonna study more about these things, and improve my animation.

Thank you again, you help me a lot!!



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