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My October 2012 Entry, too late for upload... :( Feedback, please!

I sad because Hurricane Sandy ripped across the east coast and I did not have internet to upload my work! So I wanted to show you guys and get some critiques about it...

I've been animating since February of this year. I'm going to school to learn modeling and animation and everything else I've been teaching myself. I took some feedback from my September 11 Second Club entry and tried again this month smile Using the Morpheus Rig.

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Re: My October 2012 Entry, too late for upload... :( Feedback, please!

Nice attempt! Shame about the storm, it really wrecked some havoc. Well, if the worst that can happen is an un-entered animation contest, not too bad. smile

As far as some feedback, it would be nice if you could finish the joke without the camera cut. I'm not sure if you could stage it differently, or perhaps it's just where the cut takes place in the audio that feels a bit off. Anyway, keep at it! Hopefully in November there's no big power outages.

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