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David Renaud
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My September animation progress

Here is my progress so far on the september clip, Posting here for feedback please.

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eddie j
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Re: My September animation progress

It seem to be a little out of body right now. Try to match up the acting ques better.



#3 09-27-2012 5:59 pm

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Re: My September animation progress

The lips can use more adjustments to line up better, try to accent those syllables a bit further. Also, it seems a little unclear who shes talking to. Is she talking to someone across from her or the person to her left that she looks up to? My thoughts would be to make it more obvious shes talking to someone across from her as if shes being interviewed, that last pose would sell better if she looked past the camera, it would be easier to see her face expression. Real good start, interested to see how it turns out.

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