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September audio Season and Episode_dubdub

Good Morning All!
This is my idea for the September contest.

Direct Link

The idea is that the girl is recovering from chemo. Since the time she discovered she had cancer, she has been obsessed with creating art. This obsession has led to exhaustion and dehydration, which is why she is in the hospital. Her boyfriend is pleading with her to take better care of herself. This is where she gives her reply.

If anyone would like to improve or tweak this i can give you the maya files for it.

Off to do some yardwork.  Have a great day!




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Re: September audio Season and Episode_dubdub

A little too static? could do more with head movement and the eyes too. Now it looks like the girl is a doll instead of an animated character wink



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Re: September audio Season and Episode_dubdub

Yeah, I'd have to agree with ElDrith, it feels a little static, think about when people talk they move their arms and even though the arms aren't in  the shot it would effect the shoulders and we would see some movement there, that may be something worth looking in to. Hope this helps.



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