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omar gamal
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Augest wip

i need your opinion guys

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Re: Augest wip

Not bad but you need to shoot some reference.

Reel: http://www.gfanimation.com

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Re: Augest wip

The number one issue here is that you need to decide on how you want to phrase this shot. Give your character some force! I'm talking internal force here. What's motivating him? Is he moving just to move? Or is he trying to express something with his movements? Aim for 2 main phrases and drive both of those home.



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Re: Augest wip

Erm Waaaay too many unnecessary movements. Like the previous person said. 2 phrases/ main movements with little motions to support them. It's also pretty jerky. Remember to have proper follow through for all the motions. He doesn't ever really settle. I think this will be easier once you simplify. It'll leave more space for your character to settle. Also if you have time, his brows seem to be going slightly up and down all the time. Have the brows move less and use them to accentuate the key words like "Stars"-brows up, "Fair"-brows down, "dream"-brows up, "stage"-brows down (determined look) [these are just suggestions. mix 'em up depending on the feel you are going for]. Keep practicing cause I see a lot of potential for the future :-P

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Re: Augest wip

The movement does not look lifelike. Sure we can bombard you with which principles of animation you are missing but the simple fact of the matter is whether it look alive (life like) or not. The obvious answer in this case is no it doesnt. You have far too many poses that change far too quickly, you have to decide which ones best demonstrate the emotion and story rather than including as many as possible. Give every movement, twitch and blink a purpose, get inside the characters head and then start thinking about arcs and weight etc.

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