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Are you responding to a job post? READ THIS!!

Please ask yourself these two questions before posting:

1. Are they actually looking for an animator to hire?
The job board goes both ways, some people are looking for animators to hire, some animators are looking to be hired. Make sure that the post you're replying to is interesting in hiring.

2. How does the job poster want me to contact him/her?
Read the job post CAREFULLY. If the job poster clearly states that applications should be e-mailed - don't post in the forum! Chances are that the job poster will miss it. Instead, send an e-mail with your demoreel, CV and (if needed) cover letter.

Lots of job offers on this Job Board are very lowly paid, or not paid at all. If these jobs doesn't interest you, just ignore them and please refrain from posting remarks about the payment.

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