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Upstanding Citizen
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climb animation

ive been working on this climb for a while any feed back would be awsome.

http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c381/ … 47186e.flv

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The more I use a computer, the more that I want to draw with my pencil. The more I draw with my pencil the better I get at using the computer.



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Re: climb animation

hi Saunders,

This stuff looks great... cool  it looks, very much lively... nice timing and moves..
Good luck for your further attempts and keep animating... wink




#3 07-26-2007 2:20 am

Upstanding Citizen
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Re: climb animation

hey, Good moves. Except the first move. The push off does not have weight. Both feet almost leaves the ground at the same time. Left foot pushing off should be planted still.

- Cujo



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