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Heavy box lift

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, this place looks very promising!

Anyway, a typical heavy box lift for practice smile.  Main body parts are splined out, but the details like facial expressions and shaking knees and arms are still on my to do list.

Please tear it apart thanks!




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Re: Heavy box lift

Not bad, not bad.

On fr 165 his hips need to be closer to the weight, almost over it in anticipation. Then as he begins to lift in Fr 169, the weight needs to be more under where his belly button would be rather than his chest. And the shoulders need to change rotations on Fr 248 as the weight is going down.

You did say to tear it apart smile

"Technology doesn't make the motion picture, people do. You're not an animator just because you can move an object from point A to point B. (You're) someone who breathes life into a character, which is something the software and technology can't give you."

- John Lasseter



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