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Interview with Peter Nagy

After each month's competition, I e-mail the winner to see if they would be interested in being interviewed about their work.  The response is always positive, and I have been pleasantly surprised by how generous each animator is with their time, and their materials.   It tells me that animators want to share and learn from each other, and when they have an opportunity to give back a little of what they've learned, they are happy to oblige. I love it.

This month, however, Peter Nagy has gone far and above the usual generosity of our 11 Second Club winners.  In this month's interview, look forward not only to thumbnail sketches and pose studies, but also to video reference, frame breakdowns (from Peter's winning piece, as well as the inspiration for a section of it), and--get this--eleven (eleven!) inspiring clips from movies that Peter has meticulously chosen and talked about why they hold such magic for him.  Not only that, but the entire interview is also available on Peter's blog in his native language, Hungarian. (you can read it here) Special thanks to Peter's friend, Andrea Gabanyi, for translating Peter's responses into English.

Give Peter's interview a good read-through: there's some great stuff in here.  And brush up your chops, because you never know when it will be your turn to stand here in the spotlight. The bar has been set, folks.

Happy animating!

Click here to read the interview

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