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Had a thought - as a fun aside to the main competition, how bout 4 or 5 other awards?

Most manic performance
Most emotional performance
Nicest rendered animation
Funniest animation

Could be a bunch of tick boxes below each animation (i.e. below the 11 stars) in voting.
Anim with most ticks wins award.....

Thoughts? I understand if people just want to keep the 11 second club "pure" and simple and not branch out this way



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Re: Awards?

It makes sense to reward some aspects of animation, but if any, I would narrow it down to most original. Basically because it's something I found lacking in the clips. My work being a good example, generally I'm so eager to animate that I go with the first idea that comes through my mind. I'm trying to fight that by forcing me to come up with something original, or at least entertaining, before starting Maya up. Maybe by giving some recognition will encourage more people to think harder and be more creative.

Also by only adding this one category we might not add too much to the already pretty intense voting process.

My two cents here wink



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Re: Awards?

These are great ideas, keep 'em coming!!  big_smile

I think we'll leave the voting process alone for now, at least until we're not dealing with the last few video issues that need to be fixed, but I think there's definitely room for more recognition for the work everyone's doing here...  I was thinking we could have a place on the site where we announce the winner each month of the "most helpful" or "most active" poster on the forums, or the fairest critiquer or something.  The server is already figuring that stuff out to determine Karmojo, maybe we could make it official?  What do you guys think?



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Re: Awards?

I like those participant award ideas, maybe as honorary Karmojo titles?



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Re: Awards?

I like the idea!
But I wouldn't put a reward for best rendering animation, because people will tend to concentrate to much on lighting and stuff like that and it is an animation contest...

But the rest is a great idea XD



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Re: Awards?

yeah i agree with grejotte... i think topics out of animation won't help.. sometimes we have an original idea of animating a clip but there is always someone else who can be more creative and even if doesn't have the enough experience animating or knowing the principals of animation.. we could see that the idea was the same or better than any winner of this site.. i think it's a good idea to start giving awards for that...   my ideas are: improovement, staging, concept (idea) and funniest



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Re: Awards?

I agree with Daniel. It's gonna be really fantastic if we can evaluate, the animation, and more stuff... like the "idea", or "funniest", etc. But I really don't think how to vote this things. And I think when I vote, I see those things... I try to evaluate everything. Maybe if the last day or when its the time to vote, put a text saying to the people "evaluate the animation, but don't forget the improovement, the concept, and the funniest".

I think that a great animation have all of those things together (and the last winner show this).

Anyone can animate



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Re: Awards?

I think we forget sometimes that animation isn't just intended to be funny. Instead of "funniest" how about "performance" or something like that?  I guess "perfomance" wouldn't be the best either, but to rate things for "funniest" everytime wouldn't work.

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