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Acting exercise

Hi friends.

This is my first post in 11 Second Club.

It's just a acting exercise that I made in the last month.

Critics ara very wellcome.


Kleber Macedo

http://animation.is.concentration.googl … x_02_k.avi



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Re: Acting exercise

Is that John Lithgow?

That looks very good Kleber. A bit too much twining of the hands on "pompous", "judgemental", and "self-absorbed". I'd at least change the pose for "self-absorbed" with one hand on the chest? Maybe?

That's my 2 cents for the day smile

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Re: Acting exercise

It looks pretty good.  I particularly like the ending with the little point after folding his arms.  I think that the strong point on the word "you" is a little late.  It is my understanding that actions like that should lead the sound.  So the action should start occurring before he says "you."  One other thing is that I am uncertain who and where the audience is.  He is looking to several areas during the dialogue, but it seems that there is only one person he is speaking to.  I think all the times he looks away are fine, for the most part, except when he says "judgmental."  That one is directed too much to his right and his attention should be brought back more to his left.  Other than those little points, it looks nice and I look forward to seeing it tweaked out a little more.  Good luck.



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Re: Acting exercise

very good really!

A good sense of timing here, and weight also.

my only crit would be for your middle poses, your hitting a new pose with every beat and i think its a bit OTT, also you have some symmetrical poses so try and get rid of that twinning. other than that its great work buddy!

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Re: Acting exercise

hey, nice work mate!
my comment is that you have too much action in your animation. the vertical movement is way too much, in my oppinion you should have less movement then now, and i can see this split in about 2 major accents on "pompous" and "absorbed"
the end pose can be more elaborated, the idea is nice, but it can be pushed more, have a go at it!
maybe the "completely self-absorbed" pose should also be focused on his dialogue partner (well, virtual dialogue partner) instead of this "thought" pose. but then again, i think that is what james said just a few posts before smile
overall, good work, but maybe simplify it, there is too much going on and it is difficult to read. remember, keep things simple and clear smile
Cheers, mate!

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Re: Acting exercise

Hello kmacedo.  think it could be better If you do some offsets between parts of the body. I mean, the poses looks too much There's a good information here:


here's the complete info:

http://www.keithlango.com/tutorials/old … pThru.html   

For example all the body moves at the same time of the pose and I think it could be a good idea If you observe what part of the body leads first: the head?, the pelvis?

Sometimes it's a little bit tricky so it's  good to take a video and see what parts of the body leads the other parts




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