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Need crit

Hello everyone,

I've just finish this animation
I need your feed back this clip
and here's the link : (QT 1.19 mb)


Thanks for any feedback smile



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Re: Need crit

Hey MAzhari,
Not bad.  Out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to do this?

First thing I noticed is that his facial expression doesn't change throughout the animation.  I'd like to see more of how his emotion swings through the piece.  For example, to me it sounds like the first line "Are you people insane?" is where he finally spills the beans.  That's kind of his release.  From that point out, he's just letting off steam, but that one line is his big burst.

His hands also seem to kind of lag behind and need to be offset a little bit.  They both hit their poses at the same time, it seems, too--I think some people call this twinning...well, it's something to look out for...

Lastly, he very much feels off-balance throughout most of the animation.  The end pose in particular.  The sense of weight is not there.

All-in-all, it feels very pose-to-pose, and could use quite a bit of overlap and follow-through, IMO.

I hope my feedback was helpful.  I know it wasn't real constructive--more pointing out flaws rather than offering ways to make it better.  Just let me know if you'd like some more specifics.




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Re: Need crit

Hey blakboks,

This clip is my entry in August challenge in another forum
I take 30 hours plus to finished this clip.
Yeah I think I'll put some motion in the face.
I feel the dialogue since hes talking to someone else but I don't add another character
I made him to talk to the counter part through the camera. .
And I made him more focus to camera when he 'release'.
I've tried to get that momentum.

And I think I should tweak some pose and timing.

Thanks for your feedback.




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