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Why do you animate? What about animation makes you love it so much? I'd love to hear what got you into animation and the story behind it all...



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I was making animation as a kid(70s/80s), old flipbooks, guys running and doing hurdles, ball bounces, fish swimming, bubbles, etc.  Drawing and art was how I spent my time.  That, and playing with GI-Joes and Star Wars figures.  Making up little scenarios for them.  I initially went to school for culinary arts, this was before Toy Story or anything really 3d, except for maybe Jurassic Park.  One day in a lab at school, waiting for class to start, I was drawing a flipbook out of boredom, the Animation Professor saw this, and pulled me aside and told me to come see him after my classes, he convinced me to switch to animation.  He was the Production Designer for the Peanuts, which I didn't know at the time.  So really, I fell into the career by accident, because a good person saw I had potential in something that I didn't know existed at that time.  20 years later, i'm still animating, still studying, still loving it.  It's truly a passion, if I wasn't doing it professionally, i'd still be doing it in my free-time.

Edit:  This is a little creepy, which is why I didn't put it in the first part, but when I was a kid, I used to have dreams where there were little miniature people, real people, but I would control their movements.  There was nothing lewd/morbid about it, I was a kid, but looking back on it, it was essentially stop-motion animation, although it's a bit creepy now that I think about it. The one dream that sticks out to me the most is probably a cowboy/indian storyline.

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To see a completely inanimate thing come to life is amazing. The creative freedom of having a character do whatever you want is awesome. I chose it out of interest while taking a tour at an art institute. It wasn’t something I had planned since I was young or any thing art related until I took a tour. Matter of fact I never really practiced anything artistic.

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I recall taking a Film-making 101 class in college and after all the time spent corralling people to be "actors" in my productions and hauling equipment around to locations (everything weighed a ton back then) and sifting through hours of tape to find the 5 seconds I needed next... I wondered if there might be a better way.

The idea that I might be able to do it all myself... with animation!... was very alluring. That was around the very beginning of being able to make CG animation on a home computer.

Of course, you really can't do it all yourself.  Not something substantial, anyway. But it's been fun to try.

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Animation makes us feel alive. Often we see things as part of nature and often we dream of becoming superhero. Or we see as cartoons never gets old. Micky mouse is still young, so as Spiderman, Scooby Doo, TOm and Jerry.



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