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#1 07-11-2018 2:24 pm

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[ROYALTY] 12v12 Samurai/Ninja Game Needs Maya Anim early access > 1.0

Project Title:
Hanako: Honor & Blade

We recently released the 2nd big patch for our Early Access version -> http://steam.playhanako.com

We need a Maya Animator to help us get to the finish line. We have 3-4 more releases to go and some awesome combat improvements/polish. We'd love a Maya Animator that's worked with combat loops, root motion, hit reactions, etc. to help take our game to the promise land.

Beautiful, symbolic environments
Directionally-driven, fluid combat
Multiplayer "campaigns" across multiple maps



Recent Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j61GjY-2fF0

Team Name:
+Mpact Games

Team Structure:
Matt Canei - Creative/Art Director (5 years AAA experience)
Connor McCarthy - Lead Writer/Lead Level Design/Co-Designer
Ajani Thomas - Lead Programmer

The three of us founded the project in 2008. We have a ~6 person team located in different parts of the US, Canada and Europe, we'd love for you to meet them rather than hear about them.

Skills Preferred:
Maya Animator
- Experience animating with Maya Rigs
- Experience with UDK/UE4's animation system
- Familiarity with Perforce/Version control
- Great attitude and interest in the game


Payment: All team members are entitled to a royalty payout contract and/or job offer (dependent on project success levels) based on their level of contribution to be signed at a later date, but before release. We may do additional single payments or contracts based on acquiring funding/kickstarter funds/etc. But, for now we are an unbudgeted project made up of AAA devs, pro software devs and we're an extremely talented team capable of producing above a professional level.

E-mail: matt@mpactgames.com  or just respond below


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