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Studying animation is tiring

As title, I'm currently have stresses with learning animation. But I really want to master it. Is there any thread that can guide me better than what I've been studying in college?



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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Could you give us a little more info as to what you have learned, what's your experience with animation up to this point?  What have you done?  Do you have a vimeo/youtube page where we could look at what you've done up to this point?  What have you learned so far, what principles do you feel you have a firm grasp of?  I will help as much as I can.  But without knowing what you're experience has been with it up to this point, its hard to point you in a specific direction.

"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Are you asking about how to manage your time?



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