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Studying animation is tiring

As title, I'm currently have stresses with learning animation. But I really want to master it. Is there any thread that can guide me better than what I've been studying in college?



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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Could you give us a little more info as to what you have learned, what's your experience with animation up to this point?  What have you done?  Do you have a vimeo/youtube page where we could look at what you've done up to this point?  What have you learned so far, what principles do you feel you have a firm grasp of?  I will help as much as I can.  But without knowing what you're experience has been with it up to this point, its hard to point you in a specific direction.

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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Are you asking about how to manage your time?



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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Not sure exactly about threads. I'd get The Animator's Survival Kit book though, if you don't have it already. If studies is stressing you out but you still want to master animation, you should also spend time practicing it doing exercises you think can be fun. Challenge yourself.

Animation isn't easy, so it's gonna be stressful and tiring. Be careful of burn-out and remember to take breaks.

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Re: Studying animation is tiring

Honestly, I found that real animation takes a lot of focused, in-the-chair time.

When i was doing animation school I found that to get an assignment to "A" level point I was needing to put in about 12 hours a day on it and that is the time it took to remedy every problem I could see and leave the mentor with only new things to comment on.

There's a reason that studio animators' work weeks aren't just 40 hours. It takes a lot of time to do well

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