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2018 May Competition Brainstorming Thread


I will chime in later with some ideas, just got to work and need to handle business first.

"Frustration is the handmaiden of creativity" ~ Chuck Jones



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Re: 2018 May Competition Brainstorming Thread

I would like to know which time of the movie is in the movie. I want to see the performance and mouth of the original video.



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Re: 2018 May Competition Brainstorming Thread

That dialog isn't actually in the movie. We had a thread about it here

http://www.11secondclub.com/forum/viewt … p?id=33087

Mattato figured it out. It's from a promotional mockumentary extra on the "Thor: Ragnarok" blu-ray disk, "Team Darryl".

But you can see a clip of the actual source scene here, 2 minutes and 30 seconds in:


To set that up, it's "Team Darryl". In this spoof, Thor had a roommate, Darryl, who needed a new roommate when Thor left to deal with that whole Ragnarok thing. He puts out an ad and the only person to answer it turns out to be Grandmaster, former ruler of Sakaar. It's like an episode of "The Office". Really nutty stuff. lol.

Been spending all day brainstorming ideas. Lots of ways to play with this. Superhero vs. supervillain. James Bond or Kingsman Secret Service spy stuff, good guy spy vs. the evil mastermind (the AgentX character rig comes to mind). Pinky and the Brain. Psychologist interviewing a mental patient at a mental hospital, the patient plotting to take over the world. Two aliens orbiting earth. Devil vs. angel. Alien versus a robot/android (which would explain that somewhat hollow echo-y 2nd voice). Doctor Who confronting yet another alien who wants to take over the world (though I think you shouldn't use copyrighted characters in this contest--but it might spark ideas). A prisoner in prison being interviewed.

The dialog makes it all feel rather sci-fi to me. Or superhero. Or James Bond.

Both voices are very adult male, so you probably shouldn't use any female rigs or children's rigs in this one, at least not in a speaking role.



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Re: 2018 May Competition Brainstorming Thread

My first entry!
I'm a fan of documentaries, and this is what I envision when I hear this. The second voice is a lieutenant or something, being interviewed about his boss' grand scheme.



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