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Journey to Character Animator - Critique

Bouncing ball - just bounce, no squash and stretch


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Re: Journey to Character Animator - Critique

That looks generally within limits.  There is one bounce in the middle that looks not quite right but without being able to scrub the clip i can't discern more.

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Re: Journey to Character Animator - Critique

You've got a ball that looks a lot like a beach ball but it's not moving like one.  If it's a large, light, air-filled ball (like a beach ball) it shouldn't be as heavy; if it's supposed to be a standard, medium-heavy ball I would just change the texture to something neutral so it doesn't read as 'wrong'.  The first 2 bounces are looking pretty good to me (but maybe stopping slightly too much at the tops of the arcs?) but at the top of the 3rd it seems like it very suddenly gets a lot heavier - go for a more gradual slowdown and your weight will look more consistent.  If you're going to have any sort of striped texture I would add a little bit of rotation; balls are very rarely going to bounce straight up with no rotation at all.  Also it would be great to look at this somewhere we can easily frame-by-frame - syncsketch would be my suggestion, it's great for getting feedback and it's free.



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