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short acting animation


here is my recent acting animation created just for training. I didn't use video references, just rough draw sketches and audio as timing reference. Any kind of C&Cs are welcome.


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Re: short acting animation

I would rethink your poses on "greatest show" and "earth". The Greatest show is twinning and feels like shes an old woman bent over in an awkward way. The "earth" pose feels to...ill call it "old man". I would maybe go for something where she straightens up and places one hand on her hips and the other does a side to side gesture in line with her shoulders. The first two poses are much stronger.



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Re: short acting animation

I agree there is a lot of twinning and a strange bent over 'old man' feel. I think this could be improved with some more contrast in the poses. Also her toes and knees seems pointed out too far which is giving her a ballet dancer bend. Perhaps go back to stepped and re think a few poses. Make the base really strong and interesting. This could be a nice piece



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