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Onion Skin Renderer for Maya

Hey guys,
I wrote a script for Maya that is capable of creating a 2D onion skinning effect.
I planned to do a quiet release with a small beta test but my video has gathered some traktion on vimeo so I'll just promote it fully.
Right now it's only tested with Maya 2017. 2018 might work. 2016 is definetely not working but I am looking into it.
Here's the link to the video:

And you can download it from Github or Gumroad (If you really like it consider dropping a few bucks on gumroad)

P.S. if anyone has 2018 installed please just leave a comment if it works wink

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Re: Onion Skin Renderer for Maya

Great work, Chris! The demo looks awesome. Can't wait to try this!

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Re: Onion Skin Renderer for Maya

Well done.Thank for share.I have checked your demo just awesome.



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