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difference between Comics and storyboard

I am not so youthful any more

Residing in Hillcrest?

I hear skaters from Hillcrest saying there is no spots there any more. How will you cope with that?

There are lots of spots, simply take the time to look. They are continuously around here so new spots keep appearing.

Your last Real ad was you pissing inside the Hillcrest Police vehicle. What is the story behind that? what skateboard should i get

Yeah, which was pretty crazy. I had been telling Erection disorder Dominick for each couple of days that individuals needed to get this done, thinking how rad which can be through getting a commercial, plus individuals days it had been an overseas exchange account. It had been pretty sketchy really, however observed this cop vehicle forever within the identical position every single day so that you can the skatepark. Well, I known as up Erection disorder everyday that folks discovered it there until he was like, "Okay, let us do that.In .

Next you will have to one up that by pushing a deuce within the hood.

Which can be insane. I am still wishing I do not incorporate some cop inside my door searching personally from that.

There's no run-ins while using the police next? Appears like youthful kid could point that to his parents around where you reside and additionally it might return to the cops like, "Hey, JT skates the Poway park constantly.Inch The cops may be searching to fulfill your needs.

That possibly i am saying. The dude's vehicle was grapple when using the Poway park. I'm wishing he does not possess a boy that skates or anything.

Possibly you've received a ticket for skateboarding acquiring a cop?

I have will likely be. I merely compensated one a few days ago. I used to be skating an area in Chattanooga, TN, and our friend broke his leg when i used to be getting kicked out. We'd have loved him for the hospital along with a cop proven up and gave the majority of us tickets. Even Henry, who'd formerly been susceptible to have surgery on his leg, got one.

Yeah, right.

Can you really skate everyday?

Yes. Unless of course I am really hurt.

Will there's an in depth park or can you really skate some company's indoor training facility?

I skate the Poway park almost everyday once i am home. The Vox outdoors training facility is sick, too. Each time I am going there there's another random sketchy obstacle a crook made.

Inside the journey with Drehobl? I heard something about him getting naked inside the bar in Japan.

I wasn't there for the one. He's pretty crazy. Each time I am happening journeys with him, similar to this constantly happens. Once she got real drunk and pissed in Jim Thiebaud's vehicle although acquiring a visit home. He did not know he achieved it for like 3 or 4 a few days. Someone told him after hearing it from Jim. I don't think he's ever stated it to Jim. What's he prone to say, "Sorry, dude"? how to ride a skateboard for the first time

Jim described the great factor with regards to it had been that, within the whole ride home, Dan was saying how rad Krooked was--getting Jim all stoked. Then after he left there is a puddle inside the seat.  I may have been began Real instantly. There's something only Corpsy will accomplish.

Watching the Vox videos, they appears to obtain methods from one another. What methods possibly you've learned from Navarrette?

If possibly I am able by permitting an overabundance from individuals dudes. They're gnarly. I have attempted individuals dual citizenships a good deal and done merely a couple of. This can be frequently frequently frequently a Navs maneuver. I am in a position to singing handouts, but that is a Blender one.

How about Hewitt?

If possibly. I do not think anybody within the team tries obtaining anything he's doing. up anything he's doing.

Has anybody ever mistaken you for optimum Schaaf inside the Real tour?

Incidentally, that stuff happens constantly.

How's it filming for your Vox videos that can come out each month?

It's awesome. It's type of rad how every video includes a couple of people they concentrate on. It provides time for an additional anybody to acquire provided so rapidly. Personally we'll take action around volume four, maybe perform full-length later on.

How about Real, focusing on a completely new video?

That possibly i am really trying to concentrate on at the moment. That needs to be out after it'll be a whole-length video so everybody have a very full part.

Along with footwear released on Vox?

It will likely be inside the '08.

You're to possess actual money.

When will you purchase a house?

That stuff's solution of my league. Lots of to consider and cash.

This is often frequently really primary real reason I'd require a house: backyard small-ramp barbeques.

There's a inclination to bet when you are trying a trick. What is the most you've lost betting inside the trick, and they are you excellent for the dough?

Yeah, Personally I owe you a great deal. I am ideal for it, I promise. I merely require an chance to have it fixed.

What video or photo dudes can you really still owe?

Within your opinion, who'd the very best video part in 2007? what skateboard should i get

Are you going to roll forever?

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