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Weight Ratio (Animation Shot)

I'm just sharing this animation that I did for my reel using Artella Franklin rig. Feel free to comment guys smile




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Re: Weight Ratio (Animation Shot)

Hey Habili,

Cool shot!
I like the animation your doing. Its more the acting to me that seems a bit odd. Most notably the pose he switches to when hes say "five ounce.." He shows us "five" with his hand, but it was the hand he was holding a baton in. So the baton just sort of flies off screen. If you want to lose the stick you have to do it more obviously/deliberately. This way is too fast and wierd.  Makes me wonder why he didn't just use his free hand. Also, when he points again, its with the same hand...Starts to feel like your hiding the left hand away because you don't want to deal with it.

Hands draw the eye. If you hide one or it is in active for long it becomes very conspicuous. Act the scene out yourself afew times. Watch what both your hands do. And do it with a stick.

Hope that helps,
Rock on!



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