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2d style character in Cinema 4d


Can anyone tell me if it's possible to create a 2d style character in cinema 4d? I'm sure most of you here already know James Curran. Usually, his characters are round and bendy. And he creates most of his stuff in After Effects.I checked out 2D character animation video for some help but couldnt find any. Is it possible to achieve the look from the link below using Cinema 4d?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you.



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Re: 2d style character in Cinema 4d

I don't see any link but with your question, yes it is possible. Have you checked EJ Hassenfratz Sketch and Toon tutorials?



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Re: 2d style character in Cinema 4d

Part of being a professional animator involves using the right tools for the job.  Can I ask why you would want to create something that has the look that is associated with an AE workflow in C4D?   It seems that would over-complicate things.

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