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How to get into the Industry as a Self Taught Artist?


I do have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, but I recently developed tendonitis in my dominant hand. I need more training no matter what I want to do (animating, editing, storyboarding, etc), but I can't possibly keep up with the pace of art school because of the hand pains. Friends have suggested taking online courses. But you lose the mentor and you lose the opportunity to network.  Most studios I find, big and small, ONLY accept current college students as interns. I do not want to have to drown in debt again to gain that 'college student' status and have a chance at an internship.

1) For those who were solely self taught, how did you break into the industry? How were you able to network?

2) Should I on something non-art related b/c of my tendonitis? Doctors have told me to quit drawing, but I have social anxiety so I may not even be qualified to be a production assistant, which is frustrating

Any help appreciated, cheers!



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