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Just looking for some feedback, before I feel like my blocking is too far gone for adjustments.


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Re: June_2017_Blocking_Near_Done

Hey there!

I like the attitude of the cop, his gestures and shoulder shrug are nice. Looking forward to see how you bring the criminal to life in his slumped pose.

I think one idea could be at the end, to have his gaze stay with the criminal, instead of looking back to the camera. As if to say "hey, I'm talking to the camera, not you, so be quiet".

Also, when he says "codename", perhaps you could hold on that pose until the "hmph". At the moment its a nice pose but it ends quickly. If you could hang on that pose longer it could read better and be more emphatic.

When the criminal is talking, I think the cop's movements should be very understated, so the audience can focus on the talking character.

Cool that you actually used his own body for the pat sound effects!

All the best!



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Re: June_2017_Blocking_Near_Done

Drop the strobe effect in the beginning. You don't need it, it takes up too much time and you run the risk of causing an epileptic seizure in one of your viewers... tongue

I'm mostly saying that because I think the animation is great. Like Masstertron said, nice energy on the cop character. Looking forward to see more!



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