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June audio track question

Hi all,
Just a quick one. By "I picked this guy up a while back" does he mean recruit or arrest?

Thanks for your insight.

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Re: June audio track question

You're free to interpret it however you like. Could even interpret it as picking a guy up in a gay bar for an implied rendezvous. The movie that clip comes from (Guardians of the Galaxy) never really makes explicit what is meant by "picked up" exactlly. Strong implication it's arrest rather than recruitment. Movie was vague about it. Might not be arrest. Might simply be detained for questioning then released without a formal arrest. Perhaps Star Lord was an innocent bystander who witnessed a crime (though the scene implies he's definitely a criminal).

I kinda like the gay pickup idea though. I think that could be funny; an obviously very gay captive trying to seduce a very non-gay officer who is getting increasingly uncomfortable... But that drifts off topic.

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