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Strange Lines on Morpheus Rig<Unsolved>

I'm rendering out the Morpheus Rig in Maya 2016 with mental ray as part of my final project and there are strange lines on his face. The rest of him is using the skin shader too, but it's just his face. Any ideas on what might be causing it?

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Re: Strange Lines on Morpheus Rig<Unsolved>

Have you referenced the rig into your scene?  If so, I would go to the rig file, change his smoothing to the highest level you can and make any adjustments needed in that rig file vs your scene file.  When you save the rig file, it will auto update in your scene and then you can make minor adjustments in there when you're happy with it.  I personally haven't used that rig before, so I don't really know the answer to this one.  If/when you get this solved could you please come back and post your solution.  Thanks

Edit:  Are you using a miss_fast_skin shader?  Could you post a screen grab of your shader settings?  I'm thinking that might be part of the issue actually.

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