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Chef Hat Problem

Hello, I'm having trouble fitting a chef hat onto the Morpheus rig's head. How can I make it look more natural? Here's a picture of the problem: http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd91/Infernoflower/Morpheus%20Chef%20Hat%20Problem.jpg



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Re: Chef Hat Problem

Hi! I would suggest changing his hairstyle to one without hair sticking out, or just make him bald - I'm sure the morpheus rig has an option on it for that. Then you may want to downsize the hat to make it look more natural, although a large hat can still work (if you want it a bit goofy-looking)! Hope this helps!



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Re: Chef Hat Problem

Another idea is simply to turn off the hair entirely and instead, paint in the hair on the head texture map in Photoshop.

Or, slightly fancier, make your own hair out of polygons (a polysphere?) and parent that to the head the same way you did the hat. Several ways to do that. One is to duplicate the head mesh, delete the faces of the duplicate that isn't the hair, push vertices until I looks how you want.



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