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May 2017 Competition

Would love all the feedback you have! https://youtu.be/3QBCgG2xOqo



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Re: May 2017 Competition

Hi mate! Keep it going. The jaw moves far too much on both characters. You don't need to open and close for every sylable. The little I know about lip sync I learnt from the "Stop Staring" book. Basically the mouth has 2 movements. Open/Close and Wide/Narrow. With sounds A, E and O the mouth is open. M and B is closed. I or EE is wide. U and OO are narrow. F and V have a very specific shape. The rest is pretty much a blend in between those sounds. I really recommend you to check out the chapter on lip sync on that book. Good luck.



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Re: May 2017 Competition

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Re: May 2017 Competition

The character on the right has a very rigid, square and compact silhouette, you could work on his pose to make it more interresting.
Also, there is an large empty space on the left side of the screen, maybe you should re-frame your shot so that there is more balance on both sides of the characters.

"it ain't easy  !" Ollie Johnston



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