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Where do i begin as a 3D Freelance Animator?

Hi There

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, please point me the right way if it is.
I am a recent grad student and an opportunity has come up for me to do freelance work. I just don't really know where to start or how to set my guidelines when it comes breaking it down.

Thanks again.



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Re: Where do i begin as a 3D Freelance Animator?

Freelancing is like any other job, in order to be considered, you'll need to have a reel that gets you the job.  You will need to send your reel to studios that actively use remote/freelance animators.  The market is saturated with people, of all skill levels, so timing has a lot too do with it as well.  My recommendation would be to find a full time gig and build relationships while still searching for freelance opportunities, then when you've got yourself a steady stream of work coming from freelance, you can go that route if you so choose.  Starting out as a freelancer will be difficult, unless you're reel is absolutely outstanding.  Post a link here in the personal animation forum and see what people think and build from there.  Good luck to you and your adventures!!!!

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