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FEB 2017 pass

this is what I have so far of my scene. feedback would be great to have

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BHYl5Z … e=youtu.be

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Re: FEB 2017 pass

LOOKS gd.....bt a few thngs from my side..

theres too much of empty space on the right side of the cam its distracting...u can avoid that.

at the begiining u can puss that chair behind...and that made her to look in that side...this can build a connection .

aftr at that chair and hes not recting for that..it looks odd...u can avoid that by making him look down casually and countinue with his dialouge.at that time u can work on her reaction..

he slide on that wall...that timing is quick..

in the final framing try to bring her closer..cse again thr s too mch off empty space in between and the chair is exactly in the centre....try to follow rule of third...

in the middle frames try to increse the intensity of the the moving hold...cse the character  looks dead...

Acting is reacting..thats how it works...try to act it out...and work with that refference...ths will help u to develop your shot...ALL THE BEST...



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Re: FEB 2017 pass

I think this is great! There was one moment when the girl's hands got frozen right after she said " why no glass". I do agree with the other post that there is a bit to much empty space on the right side. Other than that I think this animation is good!



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Re: FEB 2017 pass

The girl's walk needs more y-translation movements...contact, low, passing, high movements.



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