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Feb 2017 11 Sec Club WIP #2

Unfortunately due to work I have not had much time to work on my animation. I'm still working on my lip sync and my animation has a lot to be desired. But I felt that it was time to post an update and see if anyone could offer advice on other things that could be improved. I am taking everything offered to me in consideration while animating. Thank you to everyone that has offered their advice to me during this process, and I'll be posting another update soon hopefully.




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Re: Feb 2017 11 Sec Club WIP #2

Looking good so far. At the beginning, the male character says "does the actor thing" and motions up and forward as well as lean in a little bit. I'm not sure if this acting choice fits, I'm not sure why he is doing such a big motion. Maybe consider a smaller version of the same motion. So instead of raising to mid height and extending the arm so far out, maybe keep the arm a little lower, closer to the table, and extending the arm less, making for a more casual movement. When Kayla is asking "why no glass" I think it is okay that her arm is out and at a further angle from her body (because she is showing us the dinner ware), but when she is saying "just a minute", it might be nice if her arm is closer to the body and not at such an angle so you have that variation when you move into "why no glass" as well as I would not think her arm would be so far out on that line without her leaning more into the pose with her torso.



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