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Feb 2017 WIP

This is my WIP for the Feb 2017 competition. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Re: Feb 2017 WIP

I love your idea and the way you executed it . big_smile. The spider looks cool !

Try to push your poses a little further i.e for eg. the girl looking at the spider  and her reaction  ..make it a lil bit more energetic.

same goes for the male character. He seems to be too stiff . Try to invent some interesting poses for him too.



#3 02-19-2017 12:45 am

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Re: Feb 2017 WIP

This is a cool idea! I like it. Like the previous post, I think you should push the poses on both characters. I think you could also move the camera closer to the characters and  the box with the spider, just a little. Overall this looks good!



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Re: Feb 2017 WIP

I agree with navaneeth3d completely. I Also feel like her response to the spider she be more genuine. She is afraid or freaked out enough to take steps back, but all that seems like it happening kinda late. She pops up quickly and her following actions don't really keep with the flow of that. But other then that and what Navaneeth3d and Pinkfrog have already said, i think it looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing your next update.



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