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The overlooked.

Just a really quick question, who here uses or (still) know about the exposure sheet? Even if you use it or not, why do you use it OR why you don't. The disadvantages and advantages, is it useful or the complete opposite? What are your thoughts about it?



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Re: The overlooked.

toonrog102 wrote:

We break up and catalog each sequence for each full scene before we even move on to animate
And we make both very loose  [  showing nothing but the ACTION LINES  ] and tight  blue pencils of our full scene and then we can see  what works and what doesn't of these
sequences BEFORE THEY EVEN HIT the camera dept................

Again, and again fall in love with an action line first thing, then worry about what works in the x-sheet

ahh thanks for these tips smile
So when we doing the loose sequences, it's done in thumbnails right?
So it's like similar to these thumbnails by Milt Kahl...



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