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Stewart Jumping Over Box - For Tips & Critiques

It is my 2nd Body Mechanics Practice Exercise:

(Landing Follow Through messed up because by mistake I used only IK. Instead of both IK and FK.)

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Thank You & Welcome. smile
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Barbe Rousse
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Re: Stewart Jumping Over Box - For Tips & Critiques

It's really slow, it looks like he's in low gravity. Speed things up, add some contrast in the timing, maybe emphasize the anticipation a little bit and add more weight when he straightens up, I thinks that would make it more interesting.
Cheers smile



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Re: Stewart Jumping Over Box - For Tips & Critiques

Add anticipation and offeset the part of the body ,and ajust the timing



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Re: Stewart Jumping Over Box - For Tips & Critiques

Like the other two said, I would adjust the timing when he is coming down from his jump.

Also, this is nit-picky, but about the arms: I think it takes 5 frames to complete the contact to the box from the arm bending out, it is very poppy, doesn't jive with the eye. From frame 23 to 24 there is a big jump in the bend of the arms. Adjust the spacing for more smooth transition.

Frame 20, the right foot coming down, it doesn't plop down like it's got weight, it is rolling down. Make the foot hit the ground sooner.
About the body mechanics: I can't tell from this camera angle, but when the body starts to run, is he shifting his weight to lift his right leg? There's some twinning in the arms as well and I suggest having the shoulders contrast the hips with give more believable movement.

I hope these notes help you! I think the ending is looking great! Especially the fluidity! Keep up the good work!



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