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February 2017 (Work in Progress)

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Please leave a response on how I can improve.



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Re: February 2017 (Work in Progress)

Right off the bat, I want to know what the green thing in the car is. It is the most brightly colored object against all of the grey, so I look at it instead of the characters. (Quick fix, not like it has anything to do with the animation)

When Mery looks around at the beginning, it would be nice to see her hold looking screen left for a few frames, then snap to looking screen right. As is, her head is moving a lot in a very short amount of time and is a bit hard to follow.

On the male rig, I would just give the shrug a few more frames. It is so fast that it feels really forced, but the line and the rest of the actions of his character are pretty relaxed so I would expect the shrug to support that emotion.

Can't wait to see this when you're done! ^^



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