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Anyone else hearing this?

In October's audio, I'm hearing 'Jodhpurs' (horse riding pants) instead of 'jumpers'; am I crazy?

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Re: Anyone else hearing this?

Well, the actor is trying to speak with a pseudo-East-European accent (the "I vant to suck your blood" stereotype), so of course it sounds a bit different/open to interpretation!



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Re: Anyone else hearing this?

Hello PaulaGGG,
You might not be so crazy after all.
"What We Do in the Shadows" is a New Zealand film.
In NZ jodhpurs & breeches are kind of pants (US Eng.) or trousers (Eng. Eng.)
clothing usually made from wool (Eng. Eng. Aus Eng. & NZ  Eng.)
A sweater in Am Eng as well Can Eng.
Jumpers in N. American are collarless sleeveless dresses, typically worn
over a blouse.
No idea what a jumper is called in South Africa & India Eng. talking about
large countries using English. I also heard about pullovers instead of sweaters
when comes to clothing.
(Is the English language fascinating by used in so many places on the earth?)
what is Voice 1 going to wear ? 
An upper body clothing - jumpers
or lower body - jodhpurs
I think Voice 1 wants to wear the dragon belt with it (or not) that should
give us some clue with a BIG clothing controversy started by PaulaGGG....ha ha
Is it the BIG clothing controversy or English controversy .....
Help me out, I'm a little lost here !!!.....LOL
a move is from NZ I would go with jodhpurs (hard to say I even listened in
many times English movies are made with intention to reach an American
audience, to make more money in the huge US market, so they use
American English even the move is made outside of the States.
somebody has watched the movie & can clear your point PaulaGGG.
I've no time for it.
@ Gaucelm
Ha ha ha .....a good point & easy way out
Also I do not hear ....HE'S....in the transcript is: "He's a Vampire Hunter."
I hear The Vampire Hunter.....but transcripts are not always perfect here.
don't take me too seriously... animation mostly should be fun
everybody's a critic (including me although I try to be humble...sometimes ...>;o)

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Re: Anyone else hearing this?

He's definitely saying jodhpurs.



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