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The Mechanical Dancer (animated short)

Scheduled to be complete in 2017, "The Mechanical Dancer"  is based on the German expressionism films of the 1920's.  So many films that were thought to be lost  after WWII are now being rediscovered and restored to be made available for everyone to see.  We thought it would be fun to take the 3D tools of animation we have today to tell our own original story set in this style.


We have a Kickstarter campaign launching in the first week of October and greatly appreciate any support from the animation community.  Thank you for being a constant inspiration to myself and each other!



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Re: The Mechanical Dancer (animated short)

Very neat and technically quite inspired! I like the aesthetics that make it look "old", almost stop-motion-like.

The influence is quite obvious; the "young man" character seems quite derivative of Cesare... if it comes out, don't be surprised about people thinking you are trying to be like Tim Burton! big_smile (that's what happens with old German expressionism)

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