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Shooting Script Idea, feedback would be much appreciated!

This is my shooting script for this month's animation challenge and I was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on it? Many thanks in advance smile

Shooting Script -

Voice 1 is leaning against the sink area in a modern woman’s bathroom in a club facing the camera. We start with a medium close up shot of voice 1 with her arms folded staring at the floor, which pans out to a medium shot of voice 1 and voice 2. Voice 2 has her back to the camera and she is adjusting her make-up in the bathroom mirror.

Medium shot of voice 1 and 2:
Voice 1: I mean when I gave up teaching to join the CIA I thought everything was going to be different, I thought I was going to be this amazing spy, I’m just the same boring person I was before…

Medium shot of voice 1 and 2:
Voice 2: Well for what it’s worth, I think you’re brilliant as you are. You’re exciting!
Shot finishes with both characters facing each other, side ways on to the camera.



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Re: Shooting Script Idea, feedback would be much appreciated!

This feels a bit mundane, if you ask me... if it was for a live-action TV movie, it'd be fine, but if it's for a short animation, I think you could go a bit wilder.

But then, it depends of the execution. You could keep the basic idea of a bathroom conversation, but do it with funny animals or Tex-Avery-like cartoonish ladies. And some special props and details to make it even more peculiar.

Now that I think of it, I should have thought of that for my submission...



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