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Shooting script review please. :)

Hi, I would appreciate some replies and reviews for my script for September 2016 competition.

Voice 1 is a female spy who thinks that her life is boring. She says this even when she is suspended on a line in the enemy’s hideout, surrounded by guards. Whilst she is on the mission of stealing the Sacred Salad from the enemy, she talks to her friend on the phone to try and sort out her “boring  life.

Voice 2 is voice 1’s friend, who knows about her secret double life. She admire voice 1 very much, even to an extent, where she spies on her. Voice 2 tends to wear a lot of makeup and bright clothes with cute accessories, so she can just be as exciting as voice 1.

The scene starts of with a mid shot of voice 1, who is suspended on a line in midair. Voice 1 is seen talking on the phone with voice 2 whilst trying to steal the sacred salad from the enemy’s base.

The shot then zooms out into long shot to reveal 3 ninja guards in the background looking at voice 1 confused.

Then the scene cuts into Long shot POV of voice 2, where the audience will see voice 1 hanging on a line in a room with ninjas. During this shot voice 1 will still be talking.

The next shot is a mid shot of voice 2, who is looking through the binoculars and smiling. At this point, voice 2 will be talking.

The final shot is a close up shot of voice 2 putting down the binoculars and smiles with a nosebleed and a wide smile.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this. please leave a review. Thanks ^^



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