#1 08-23-2007 7:22 pm

Michel [Band!!]
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DemoReel 2007 *Beta


I am post my reel *beta... feel free to critique.




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-- DemoReel
.Band!!DemoReel 2007
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#2 08-30-2007 9:34 pm

Upright Citizen
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Re: DemoReel 2007 *Beta

Hey dude cool reel, just a few small crits really

The opening bit dosent make sense to me as its a bit of a tonal shift for the whole reel

I like the music but you could do with turning it down just a tad its imposing on your work, especially your dialogue bit.

Also the blocking bit for your bambi character is good but i dunno if you wanna be showing unfinished stuff without "work in Progress" above it.

All in all very impressive work though, I especially like the bit at the end with the chewing gum!

The Dude abides



#3 08-31-2007 2:02 am

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Re: DemoReel 2007 *Beta

Hey Michel,
A few crits on your reel.

1.)  Put your real name on it.

2.) If this is your final format, you might want to change the text for the contact info.  I can't easily read it as it is.  Which is probably a combination of size and font.

3.) I agree with what GingerDave said about the bambi character, I've often heard it's heavily frowned upon to put in WIP stuff.  You want to show only your best stuff, not all of your stuff. 

4.) The piece at the end:  the ball could use a lot more anticipation when it's trying to free itself from the gum.  Right now it looks like the gum is pushing the ball.

The rest of it looks good, though.  Very nice!



#4 08-31-2007 7:56 pm

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Re: DemoReel 2007 *Beta

some comments from my side as well:
the opening piece doesnt have that much impact on me... i would put it off, to be totally honest with you. the eyes move way too "square"-ish, they don't look natural... you can leave some smoothness in their movement too, even though i agree, eyes move quite sudden, but you could smooth that down a little bit. maybe adding some overlapping would help.
then, watch for the head, it has very slow turns at some times, which look very artificial...
the second piece has a few issues as well. first one that comes into my eyes, right from the start, is the right hand who "pops" because you've stretched it too much. try holding the body poses longer and shorten the inbetweens, it could give you a better feeling throughout. there seems to be missing secondary motion and... most important... i would not even consider putting work in progress in my reel! this is something you should avoid...
the third sequence is not very good, unfortunately, characters are kinda stiff and very unapealling...
fourth piece looks nicer, but animation is a little too stiff...
next one could be so much nicer, the idea is good, but it is so predictable and not funny:( and it could be.
the last one is nice, but the comments before cover what i would have to say about it.

all in all, i think your reel needs some more work. i hate if it is dissapointing you in any way, but it is my honest opinion. i think you can do better than that. and i think you will smile


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