#1 05-07-2016 5:57 pm

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Competition Rules?

Can someone explain to me why Rank #24 was not disqualified for clearly using her own audio to sell the shot?

Just want to know if these competition rules are rules or are they suggestions?



#2 05-07-2016 6:39 pm

From: Ireland/Sudan
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Re: Competition Rules?

My guess it's because the administrators seem to have too little time to spend approving every entry. Otherwise we would not have seen entries #288 and #290



#3 05-08-2016 9:00 am

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Re: Competition Rules?

Hey! I'm the animator for that one. It's my first time entering this contest, so I was a bit confused on the rules myself when I submitted the piece, but since it was approved I thought it was okay. Since then a lot of the commenters have told me adding audio is definitely against the rules, so I'll make sure not to do that next time. Sorry about that!



#4 05-08-2016 11:58 am

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Re: Competition Rules?

yea, just stick to the given sound.

Btw nice animation wink

Serg Bel.



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