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Making a short film, need help from modelers and texturers

Hey all, im Aron.

I don't want anyone thinking im trying to take advantage, but at this time I cannot pay, but a solid place in the credits as your position, a way to use models as future examples for jobs that will pay, and a chance to create the characters of a short film estimated to last between 18-25 minutes.

Now that that's out of the way, onto what I am hoping someone or someones will be able to help with.
I am working on a a short film, set in the halo universe, with our own story, following a set of survivors, civilians, odsts, and a spartan team, that manage to find their way off Reach in its final hours, and what they must do to survive together, and figure out how to deal with being on their own, having been pronounced kia, or mia.

Most of the models based on vehicles or characters and weapons are almost all done, I need someone who can help create models of real people to use as our characters, for civilians and odst characters, would be face and upper body, and spartans, would just be face.
Anything else, would be smaller models of things, like security cameras, items like swords and knives, and more of a distant background landscape such as a medium poly mountain, for a background image.

Feel free to reply here, or, email me @ xoshaow3@hotmail.com



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