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eric s
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Helpful Hints videos

Hi 11 Second Club Team!

I am one of the original contributors to the Helpful Hints articles in the Resources section. I’ve recently been giving some talks at animation classes and letting people know about the Helpful Hints. Upon visiting, however, I notice that the embedded movies no longer seem to play— I think that many web browsers no longer use the Quicktime Plugin required to see them. (we originally chose Quicktime as opposed to something like, say, YouTube, so users could frame through the movies) I was wondering if there is a way to re-insert the movies that will work for users who still want to view the content. I believe it is still valuable information.

I would be happy to provide any assistance with this that I can, whether it’s re-encoding movies, or anything else I can do to help.

Let me know what you think, or if it’s worth fixing this late in the game. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time!
- Eric

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Re: Helpful Hints videos

I'm not sure what type of video would work, but I do think it's worth fixing! I go back to the helpful hints section every once in awhile, and I'm disappointed when I can't watch the video to see what the article is talking about.



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Re: Helpful Hints videos

I agree on that too. I tried to watch some old entries and BJ crawford interviews. These are great stuff, it's too bad if we can't enjoy them anymore!



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Re: Helpful Hints videos

I agree on that too. Can't watch them, i click the video and minimize, i tried everything and doesn't work. It would be great to revive those links to somewhere else; youtube it's a great option i think. Pleaseee, they seem to be pretty good, it's helping a lot. Thanks!



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Re: Helpful Hints videos

I would really like to watch the videos. I'm a new user, and I just tried switching browsers, installing Quicktime, rebooting, etc etc. No luck. I even tried it on mobile and it's even less functional.

Pretty sure Vimeo's can be framed back and forth but I forget the hotkey.



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