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Print Your Guy - Graduate Movie

Hi everyone !

We are 6 Student from Lyon, France and we just want to share with you our graduate movie " Print Your Guy ".

Few words about it :
Pamela lives on her own in an apartment in Paris. One evening while watching a movie she sees a commercial for a company who claim they
can print her perfect guy, by logging on at printyourguy.com.
Very excited, she runs to her computer to order one, but when it arrives, she realises that the product doesn’t act as she was expecting ...
I hope you will enjoy it like us to make it !

> The Movie - Print Your Guy < !

Facebook >>  https://www.facebook.com/Print-Your-Guy … =bookmarks
Site >>  http://printyourguy.wix.com/shortfilm

By :

Alwin LEENE : http://www.alwinleene.com
Thomas SIGAUD : http://arcenedesign.wix.com/portfolio
Sarah BARRY : http://www.sarah-barry.com/
Lucas SCHEURER : scheurer.lucas1@gmail.com
Laura GISSELAIRE : https://vimeo.com/126308006
Quentin CORNILLON : https://vimeo.com/quentincornillon16665715

Concept Art:

Pierre DAVOULT : http://www.pierre-davoult.com/
Terene JOUGLA : https://www.artstation.com/artist/mr-t
Raphael MAADEN : http://nedaam.daportfolio.com/

Music & Sound Effect by :

Valentin LAFORT - Music : http://matthieuvermorel.wix.com/compositeur
Florian BARDOUX - Music & Sound Effect : http://florianbardoux.wix.com/compositeur

Thank for everyone and if you like Print Your Guy, please share it with your friends !

Print Your Guy, oh yeaah !

Contact : printyourguy@gmail.com



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Re: Print Your Guy - Graduate Movie

Thank you ecricraffle, we spend a lot of fun on making that short movie and we are happy to heard that you like it !



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