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November competition . What characters can I use?

Hey guys is it not allowed to use the star wars characters even for this month? what if they are custom made from lets say norman or something?

Im asking since "Copyrighted rigs and/or character designs will not be allowed in entries unless the entrant has the right to use the rig and/or design. The "Azary" and "Ashrafi" rigs are specifically NOT allowed."

this is the scene btw



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Re: November competition . What characters can I use?

"Azary" and "Ashrafi" rigs are not allowed because they are blatant rip offs of Animation Mentor's biship rig

Using a "Star Wars" character for this competition would most likely be ok, as it falls under Fair Use in terms of copyright

You would be using it for educational purposes - you're not trying to sell it or profit off it

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