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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

The guy is right. I'm sorry but Wegg is right.

I do undertstand that this is a site for learning and that's what it should be about from entering in the competitions. However, a lot and way too many people get in without even knowing the bare basics...

There are countless of tutorials, free videos and training to learn principles of animation, I'm not asking some top quality stuff here just not some effortless video where I can see the guy put less than an hour to make...

I know it because I remeber my first animation I ever did in 3D and it was way better (at least you could see the effort even though it was plain bad) than some of the stuff I see in here.  neutral

Seriously, how many times have I seen an animation where the character just strike a few poses (which are often bad and lack total thought) and then just switches from pose to pose while the whole thing is floaty...

Yeh..we're suppose to learn but how many of you do even take the time to properly critique and comment entries like these?

Few and often none! Why? Because, amongst, the hundreds of entries you have to rate, this one is not worth your time.

Stop being hypocrites guys, I have dozens of unfinisehd entries I never dared to submit here, not because I'm afraid of critiques but because I respect those who are going to vote, I know, being unfinished, MY PIECE NOT WORTH THEIR TIME!!

If you want people to see your progress, there are forums specifically made for that...



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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

Wegg wrote:

A agree that the current system is the most fair BUT. . . I am finding it very difficult to help the site by judging when there are SO many entries that appear no be high-school students who just learned how to make a keyframe.  I know we all have to start somewhere but I was thinking that my idea might be a way that we can all compete at an equal fair level without judging taking so long.  Make sense?

This! Some people just submit their work and I feel like it's the first time they ever touched a 3D software...
They won't learn anything by submitting. Let them go on the forum first to get critiques if they wanna learn...

Some truths are hard to hear. I used to vote every month two years ago when I discovred this site however, that quickly stopped a few months ago because for every 2-3 interesting/good pieces, you have like 10 awful stuff...



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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

The question is, how should the system be changed in order for this ideal system to exist without discouraging new people who've actually put the work in?



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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

Its very simple, the system will never change, come on seriously guy's its never going to change! No amount of talking is going to change it. Its simple everyone needs to be treated the same and the only way for that to happen is for everyone to have equal treatment? Not so? Get over it really, they will never change the system because there is nothing to change, if you don't like it then maybe this is not the right place for you to be, so what if you have to vote on a few hundred more entries, animation is all about learning and patients , if you don't have those two qualitys and can't spend a few extra minutes or hours on a voting then don't bother with animation because you will need a lot more patience for animation.

Good Luck !! And happy animating to all



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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

I'm going to close this thread, while the intentions might seem good, in reality, there isn't a system to sort by quality that could be developed by code, you will have to accept all entries and vote and comment on them all. It's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, i'm sure there are bigger and better things to toil over than this.  I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, but it just isn't a possibility to code something like this.  Every contest has to deal with "less than par" entries.  This is another one of those contests.

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Re: Wide range of quality/effort in submissions.

On the flip side of things: Now you know exactly what it feels like to be a recruiter. Whenever you submit a demoreel, ask yourself how it would hold up in an 11sec month of demoreels. Would your Malcolm animation pop out from all the other Malcolm animations for example?

Don't feel like you HAVE to vote on all the entries. I believe the system is built to randomize the viewing order and make sure all entries gets views/votes. After the voting is done, you can watch the top animations without having to go through all the hassle.

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