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May 2014 comp - finally got around to finishing it!

Took a while, but I came back to this recently to finish up what I started.  Ended up being a lot more work than I thought with 2 characters but it was a nice challenge.  Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Re: May 2014 comp - finally got around to finishing it!

Hi Terry,

First of all, very nicely done. I loved it. The last expression of the girl made me laugh out loud.

I like the way you have kept a simple static camera. The poses and expressions are too good. But I felt at certain stages may be you could have made the timing of the man slightly softer. It felt a bit pose to pose some times. I also felt the confusion of the lady at the end before she eats the cake, sustained a bit longer than my liking. But don't get me wrong, the overall timing of your entire animation piece is superb. Loved it.

Keep animating with a smile on your face cool



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