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Character animation test..

this is an animation test i made to know how this character would look with a snapier behaviour... and i took "hammy" from 'over the hedge' as an example and inspiration.. i took the audio of a specific shot in the movie and draw the blocking of the main actions and tried to make it work in this character from the animated series "tripping the rift" called "Whip"

... i learned a lot with the poses, phrasing and timing that Dave burgess (over the hedge's animator supervisor) put in this movie..... credits and thanx to him! wink there is a lot of key poses and break downs... a lot is happening in a short period of time... it really help me to understood better the mechanics and show me how important is posing..  since i made this i found a good improovement of my acting scenes at work.. i cannot show it yet but when the series are on tv of course i will do it here wink

sorry about the quality on youtube.. but i don't know any other streaming site where i can upload vids without frame dropping... anyways you could also ask for the file i will send it to you if you want to scrub frame by frame and give critique.

this animation test took me about 14 hours to complete.


Direct Link


.daniel huertas.



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Re: Character animation test..

it is very quality animation. the poses are great and timing is good. the harmony between voice mimic and poses are very succesful.



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