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Re: New Parenting and Constraining Tutorial

This tutorial is unbelievable good. Maya "gave me" a lot of headaches through the years, 90% of them could have been avoided by knowing all this right off the bat.

More claps!

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Learn to animate, and to not animate smile...in other words, avoid constant motion and give the  viewer eyes some rest.



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Re: New Parenting and Constraining Tutorial

*Bows* smile



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Re: New Parenting and Constraining Tutorial

This is pretty old by now, but I still get people saying that it helped them out
So I thought I'll post it here as well.

Its about how to constrain one object or several objects to a character and have that/those object either follow the character OR the other way around have the object/objects drive the character.


Cheers Cobra



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Re: New Parenting and Constraining Tutorial

This is old, but I'm too nervous to post my own thread with my problem.

Any chance of anyone putting up a 3d max version of this tutorial? I'm using the 'Max' rig and I can't for the life of me figure out how to have him hold something with both hands.

When I 'Select and Link', the parent for the hands goes crazy and seems to mirror or something weird.

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